Keep On The Move This Winter

Posted 19-01-2015
Keep On The Move This Winter

Here at GJS same day couriers our drivers and maintenance staff carry out regular checks on all of our vehicles to ensure they are road worthy whatever the weather. At this time of the year though, it is even more important, especially with some of the roads across Kent and London!

We have listed below some key pointers to keep you going this winter.


To keep you safe on the roads this winter the most important thing you can check, in our opinion, has got to be your tyres. If and when we do see snow this winter it is essential to have good tread left on all of your tyres, and, if possible, a good set of winter tyres which make driving in snow and ice that much safer.


Check your battery. Take your vehicle to the local garage and ask them to give it a quick test. It won’t cost a lot to have this done and could save you having an issue when you need your vehicle the most.  During the winter your vehicle’s battery is put through a lot more strain with lights being on more, heaters turned up and windscreen wipers being on. Also when temperatures drop your power output can drop as well as the input from your alternator.


Make sure before you set off, that you have checked that your coolant level is between the minimum and maximum marker. The coolant should have either a red/pink or blue tint to it caused by the addition of antifreeze. If possible take your vehicle to a local garage and ask them to check the strength of the antifreeze. It’s not an expensive thing to have checked and topped up if needed and could save you a lot of money on repair bills or recovery.

Screen wash

Always make sure you have plenty of screen wash during the winter months as there’s nothing worse than running out when it’s wet and the roads have been gritted. Running out of screen wash can not only be a pain but it can also be dangerous, especially when the sun is low and bouncing directly off of your windscreen  - your visibility can be reduced dramatically.

Drive safely!

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