• Driver captures electronic proof of delivery upon delivery via PDA device
  • Time stamped email shows full details and signature of receipent
  • Courier also captures number of items delivered and any additional useful information
  • Systems works both in the UK and abroad
  • MyGJS online portal stores historical jobs and POD details in the event of a query

A key element of our same day courier system is the ability for us to capture, and instantly send proof of delivery details to our customers.

Once a courier has been allocated a job by one of our controllers it appears on their PDA device. At this stage the courier is able to proceed to the collection address and begin the job. The driver is able to update the status of the job on their PDA to confirm ‘Arrived At Collection Address’, ‘Package On Board’, ‘Arrived At Delivery Address’ and then finally capture a digital signature upon delivery. In addition, our courier will also enter the full name of the receiver, how many items were delivered and any other useful information.


Once this has been done, our system instantly shoots an email to the inbox of the customer that booked the job confirming all of this information. In addition, the details are available to view in the MyGJS portal for future reference.

For those customers that require their own paperwork to be signed we can of course do this in addition to using our PDAs, please just mention this when you book your job.

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